I’m not big on Hallmark holidays but once I heard that Friday was National Donut Day (yeah, its a thing) I had to get some donut in to my system. We woke up bright and easily on Saturday, excited to try out a local donut shop called Stan’s Donut and it was such a disappointment. I had to erase that memory of the bad donut so Sunday evening we went to a good ol’ donut corporation – Krispy Kreme and I had my favorite original glazed chocolate donut. To further quell my greed I had two more. Go ahead and judge me. It was worth it.




I have this terrible sickness where if I start watching a tv show or a movie I have to watch it till the end no matter how terrible it is. This past couple of months I painfully sat though Desperate Housewives. It was so exhausting but I HAD to know what happens in the end. Now I am watching the last season of Beverly Hills that I stopped while I was in college with a bit of 30 Rock on the side. I’m itching to watch Orange is The New Black but waiting for my finals to end before I get sucked in to that vortex.


A couple of nights back in order to save the mutton from getting burnt Jay mutilated my tea vessel to place it inside the pressure cooker. I haven’t had my Lipton tea in two days now and I’m going just the tiniest bit insane. Speaking of tea, Oprah came up with a new tea. Starbucks sells it, so if you want one you have to ask for an “Oprah Chai Tea Latte”. Its a mouthful. N is a huge Oprah fan so I tried the tea for her sake. It tasted like sugar water with ground cloves. Americans have such average taste buds. They should taste my mother’s ginger tea. It’s so good that she could mass manufacture it.



8 thoughts on “Weekend Shenanigans – Part Deux

  1. Oh man..your post had me craving to drink your mother’s ginger tea now. I am just imagining it and now need to go and make myself an average cup of tea with some grated ginger:(

  2. My sister has the same ‘finish-it-no-matter-what’ situation going on right now with Pretty Little Liars. And I swear I never thought I’d use a GRE word in real life, but this show is absolutely the perfect example of ‘Vapid’!! I had watched that show for a while a few years ago when I had gone off the internet for a while, and that used to come on TV at that time. I actually watched it with my mouth wide open because, seriously, how vapid!!!!! :P

    1. I know! I hate it and cringe at thought of watching PLL but I can’t deny that I watch them! In fact, I just saw the latest episode this morning. I don’t know why I do this to myself!

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