It has taken me a while to accept that not everything will get done at the same time. For many years when I would try my best to clean and organize. My goal was to have the house cleaned, sink empty, bathrooms clean, laundry done, floors wiped all on the same day. A clean house meant that everything was clean at the same time. I overworked myself but never succeed in achieving what I now know is an unattainable goal. It has taken me SO many years to get to this point of acceptance. I always thought I was a failure because I had a messy home. But now, very late in the game, I know that progress is getting even one thing done in a day. I won’t have clean floors, empty sink and clean bathrooms all in one day but I will have the laundry going when every other task is waiting to be completed.

What has shifted my mindset in this regard is the self talk that I seem to love giving myself. For a long, long time it was only negative self talk about how I am constantly failing short of not just others expectations but my own. I drowned in the sea of negative self talk and found that nothing was waiting for me the bottom of this deep, dark and treacherous outlook. Also I was tired of constantly feeling like a disappointment to my own self that I had to sit down with me and have a firm chat. I told myself look, it would be great if we can get everything done in the same day, but we literally cannot. So let’s just do what we can and focus what’s left of our limited energies on the things we love rather than beating ourself up about a messy house. Once I finally realized my own limitations and understood that I had limited energy too I decided to focus the majority of my energies on the things and people I love and use what’s left for the house.


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