Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.
And boys????

Ask any girl about her perfect guy or how she wants her future husband to be and she’ll say “Oh he has to be tall and cute/hot and sweet and good looking and charming and should buy me loads of gifts and should listen to everything I have to say yadda, yadda, yadda.

Clean and hygienic never pops up in the list.

And that is the TOP on mine.
The guy just HAS to be clean. And not obsessive-compulsive-cleaning=disorder clean but normal-decent-human level of cleanliness: cut nails, clean feet, no B.O, groomed hair and beard (note: beard, MUST.) and overall average cleanliness.

In my 19 years of walking this planet I have seen the most disgusting, repulsive, ugly, dirty male feet EVER. Overgrown, dirt-ridden toe nails are such a turn-off. I feel like personally giving those guys a pedicure just to save others from seeing such a disgusting sight. And icky, greasy, oily hair.. Don’t even get me started.

There are guys who think that if they dress like models, spray on some bloody so-called perfume that apparently attracts women to them but thankfully misfires and have a hot ride get their work done. Now if you look lower and lower till you reach the smelly feet you will find what you’re looking for.

Seriously guys, have you heard of something called ‘soap and water’? Or maybe ‘nail cutter’? Yeah, they could be your best friend if only you gave them a chance.




10 thoughts on “Eww. Eww. Eww. Eww.

  1. nowadays u gals dont mind dirty legs and dirty hands.. if his pockets are loaded with money.have u ever opened ur so called purse.the only thing ur purse will have are pedicure,deo,nail polish,eye liner,extra slippers..havent u had the habbit of dressing naturally.. without all these stuffs..talking abt boys.. first go chk urslef in mirror and den talk abt guys. SERIOUSLY..SERIOUSLY..

  2. AND WAT Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice…GOOD TO QUOTE LINES AND ALL..BUT AT THE END OF DE DAY U GALS R JUST GALS AND NO WHERE NEAR SUGAR AND SPICE..AND NOTHING NICE….simBly coming to talk abt guys as if u de leader of the gal community..go talk abt the flaws in girls..den talk wat few things r nice abt u(if u have any)

  3. What's up with that dude up there? ^She didn't say girls are perfect, and she wasn't talking about ALL guys, as you can see, because she said that she would want a clean guy (Yes they do exist! and I want a clean hubby too Inshallah =])LOL, just chill =) she wasn't insulting you..=)))

  4. @ rohit I'm going to act like you are not there. you are such a moron. Read my post properly. Wonderfull dialogie you giving today.@ london hijabiI'm glad atleast you understood!

  5. Ew that is so gross! But really funny. I guess hygiene was never on the top of my list because I assume people should know to CUT THEIR TOENAILS! Good luck finding your Mr. Clean;)

  6. Ugh! I forgot about toe-nails, you just naturally assume that guys will cut those, but yeah I can picture it :)Knowing you are in India, I was reminded of course, of the greasy brother in Slumdog Millionaire :) Hope you find a nice guy who is clean and smells good (my first concern, could't handle BO :)

  7. @sabrina*sigh* where do all the clean boys live?!! oh btw love your wedding outfit! tres chic!@lisathe greasy brother aint the only one. there are loads of people like tht!@ldn hijabioooohh!! okay!

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