Any event that signifies something big happening in our life is marked with certain customs. Customs that may not necessarily make sense but has to be followed as it was many years ago. We ignore The Rules of The Book to let social, familial and traditional rituals take center stage. We fail to see the fine line that divides the two and are blinded by the shadow we cast over The Rules. Things would be easier and hassle free if everyone just followed The Rules, the sunnah, that was given to us. Man made rules are tiring and do not make sense. But we feel that we are traitors if we don’t follow the customs of our forefathers.

The worst thing about man made rules is that The Rules aren’t defined. It changes from person to place. Sometimes The Rules are also conveniently over looked. Basically, they are called The Rules while they should be called Rules That Can Be Manipulated According To Whims and Fancies. Following these rules we are going down the dark ages. What is worse is we are making things more difficult than they need to be. But Ma says no, this is how it is. Everybody did these things and so should you. “Why?”, I ask her. “Because you have to.”, she says. I know that isn’t what I want to hear but I just shut up.


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