Happy new year! 2023 yay! New year, new me!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, omg hi. I have missed blogging so much. Unfiltered, unedited thoughts, I’ve been missed having those. Actually, correction: I might have too many thoughts. Too many for my own good. I saw a few people from the old blogging days so a January Blogathon and I thought okay why not I’m also going to do it.

I’ve been more active on Instagram and although I am pretty jaded about it I still use it. But one thing that bothers me to high hell is people referring to instagram captions as blogging! No! NO! THAT’S not blogging! That’s writing a caption. Call it content or whatever you want but it’s definitely not blogging!!!


I’ve been holding on to that opinion for so long and I am glad to get to ogg my chest. I truly miss the old blogging days. Signing into WordPress reading about the most mundane details of other people’s days. Just the best


Now to 2022. It went by in such a blur but I do remember some of the highlights. The best parts were that I did so many things outside my comfort zone. SO MANY. Started a business, did art workshops, slept in a car, camped in Death Valley, did my first solo road trip. So many things that helped my brain and my heart grow. Of course these are only highlights. I also spent many days crying on the bathroom floor, crying in bed, crying while I drove my car, sometimes no idea why I’m crying but allowed the tears to come anyway. And finally, finally, got to go back home to Madras. My heart can’t handle thinking about it because I miss it just so so so much. Not just the city and lovely bougainvillea but my family, my friends, my people, the food that I didn’t have to cook, the tea that magically appeared, no grocery shopping, doing laundry, cleaning the house. Just living and soaking up every single moment because I spent days, nights, months and years aching for home. I can never take that for granted anymore.

Anyway, let’s chit chat more tomorrow.


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