So meal planning is totally not it for me. I noticed that on the super duper rare days I do meal plan I never want to eat what I’ve planned. My cravings will announce themselves on a loudspeaker and that’s all I can hear. On a fundamental level I actually enjoying cooking but the past few years it’s become a chore and a stressful one at that. So now I try to not meal plan but just make two or three things on a Sunday that I an repurpose throughout the week. Yesterday I made mutton, rice and froze some cutlets.

Everyday I pack lunch for my son (R) too. It’s not very elaborate. He prefers hot food so it’s pasta, rice or some cutlets/nuggets situation, a fruit, a carb, a veg and then he has TWO snack breaks so I pack TWO snacks. Utter nonsense. I just cut up some fruit for one and throw a granola bar for another. As for these snacks they’re supposed to be “healthy” so no chips, cookies, chocolates, okay. And no nuts of any kind, fine. But I also have a picky kid so every morning we argue about what’s for snacks. Every evening when he comes home he tells me proudly mama I ate everything. Then I open the box in front of him and ta da! The food is preserved like some museum piece.


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