Girl  : “Kelly, do you know what I’m going to get you for Christmas?”

Kelly : “What?”

Girl : “A backbone.”

Immigration Officer : “Sir, you aren’t supposed to enter here. Can I help you?”

Man with Jamaican accent : “Yes, I’m looking for my baby.”

Immigration Officer : “Your baby??”

Man : “Yes. My fiancé. She’s waiting in the line.”


Best conversation I’ve ever heard.



Mom (trying on purple leather ballerinas) : How do these look, Kevin?
Son : They look like someone had to kill a snake for you to wear that.

Mom flings away the shoes and walks out in a huff.

Girl 1: “Oh, sorry. Excuse me.”

Girl 2: “Hey! I know you!!”

Girl 1: “I’m sorry. I don’t kn…”

Girl 2: “Yeah, we stalked you last night!”

Boy 1 : I need to pull an all nighter today.

Tracy : The only time I’ve ever pulled an all nighter was till 4 AM. It happened when I was Italy. (excited) So its

really late in the night and we’re returning from a club and I was chased down the street by a bunch of these

Italian guys! I am not kidding! And I was like, running.. actually for the first time in my life, sprinting down

the streets! It was so weird! Italy sucks.



I swear I’m not making this up. These are real conversations I overhear on campus.

During pilates today :

Lady 1 : I want to see Avengers!
Lady 2 : Oooh I went for night show. It’s okay only. My kids liked it.
Lady 3 : I don’t like superhero movies so I’m don’t want to watch it.
Lady 4 : What is Avengers?
Lady 3: It’s a movie with all the superheroes in it like Iron man, Hulk and all.
Lady 4 : Oh wow, Hulk Hogan is acting in a new movie, uh?!

She sounded so genuinely excited. I had to consciously keep from bursting in to laughter.